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The power of jewellery   

Jewellery is a form of communication. The maker wants to say something to the world, he wants to express himself. Sensitiveness and atmosphere are being passed on by the use of certain materials and forms.  

The creator doesn’t only have to express himself, but also the person who wears the jewel. It’s very interesting to see that what they want to express isn’t always the same. I don’t think that the message of the maker has to be clear every time. As wearer you just have to feel something really strong by looking at the jewel you’re wearing. It has to fit your body and your characteristics.  

The relationship with the body is also a power of jewellery. The place where you wear the jewel can give it that little extra, or just make it less strong.  Also, the body can look less or more attractive, depending on the placement.  

Because of this relationship with the body, it has to be “wearable”. But what is wearable? How big can you go? How heavy can it be? Does it have to be on the body? Do you have to be able to move?  

Finding the answers to these questions is one of the most inspiring things in making jewellery.  

Jewellery also means crossing the border of art and craft. Jewellery as art gives it an extra dimension. But it is very hard to enter the art world. Why don’t people see jewellery as art? And why don’t they wear authors jewels? Is it possible to combine the two without losing the power of authentic jewellery?  

As you can see, I still have a lot of questions about jewellery. It isn’t narrowly defined, so you can choose what you make of it, according to who you are and that is what makes it interesting. Jewellery isn’t something you do just for one day, because… jewellery is life! (Mah Rana)  





 The power of my jewellery:  

The power of jewellery …  

Depends on how you wear the jewellery;  

Depends on the size of the jewellery;  

But mainly depends on the person who wears it.  

The same jewellery can be beautiful to one person, and ugly to another! Both person and personality are important here. The size of an object can also change the beauty of it. The proportions have to be just right.  

To me jewellery doesn’t strictly need to be wearable. An object can exist separate from the body and still have a fascinating interaction with the body.  

The line between jewellery and object is vague or even nonexistent (ref. lam wolf). An object doesn’t even has to have a function in daily use.  

The relation between a body and an object is important!  

Wearable versus unwearable, kitsch versus camp, confection (clothing) versus haute couture. Jewellery that is functional or just an accessory, that symbolises a status or is nothing more than a fashion grill. Outgoing as well as subtle jewellery. I find these different aspect all very interesting.  

Do people wear jewellery to be part of a group?  To be like everyone or to stand out?  

The biggest challenge to me is to start my process with few preconditions and then create a ‘powerful’ piece at the end. Whatever that power may consist of at that specific moment…  





As a jewellery designer the human body is my medium, my inspiration and field of research.

   With our bodies we can express our personality and believes to the rest of world.  

Jewellery is something that is very close to the person who wears it. In direct contact with the body and skin, very intimate.  

From embellishment to the representation of an inner feeling. It can be a lucky charm or a form of communication.  


 It can be subtle or eye-catching. Jewellery can be confronting, hurtfull, moving, shocking, decorating, protecting, connecting, misleading, convincing… And above all very personal.  


The power of jewellery is determened bij the person who wairs it. The concept is translated into materials, shapes and layers.  


 Compared to clothing, jewellery means something extra. It’s not some everyday necessity, but a deliberate choice.  

A jewel is often something very precious, materially as well as emotionally.  

Jewellery attracts people in a way I can’t really explain. Mostly I think it’s about their extensive meaning. The fact that we can manifest our inner selves through something we find beautiful makes jewellery very powerful.  





 The power of jewellery  

Jewelry and wearing jewellery shows who we are, or at least, who we want to be.
Every piece of worn jewelry is a personal choice: it concerns beauty, character, taste, diversity, identity… 


Jewellery as something that carries meaning.  

The beauty of jewellery, in my opinion, is that they hide a story/meaning within them. The person who makes the jewel adds a story to it. This story doesn’t have to be interpreted the same way by the wearer. Every wearer has his own story to add. The meaning grows, layer after layer… 

Jewellery is worn for a thousand different reasons, not just for the communicating and story-telling aspect, but also for the material, the colour, the size, the shine, the shape, the price, the memory, the symbolism, etc. …  

Everything is possible.  

That’s why it’s not always easy for a jewellerymaker to come up with new innovative things.  

For instance, you try to create new jewelry by connecting unconventional materials. Or like me, you play with image-word combinations …(e.g.: necklace, neck-less) 

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 Or you take ordinary things out of their original context (e.g.: a cow’s identificationtag could be an earring for a person)  

Placing, but also timing is an important aspect; “When do I wear it?” The relation between time and place is crucial.  

I wonder for instance; “Can jewellery have a function on every bodypart?” Or else; “Is it always appropriate to wear it?” Or even; “Who decides wether it’s jewellery or not?”  

So in general, an investigation on the boundries of what jewellery is and means is what fascinates me… 

In a previous survey, all these questions brought me to some interesting conclusions 

– the wearer decides for himself wether something can or can’t function as jewellery.  

– objects can function as jewelry if the piece is in some way related to the body  

– jewellery has to trigger your thougts and imagination. 


because jewellery is:  

tasting with your eyes  

absorbing images, sounds, shapes, feelings  

sharing what lives inside your head and your imagination with others  

the birth of new images and stories…  





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